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It's been long since i posted my posts. Sorry guys. Been busy with events. But still keep in shape :) Anyway, here are some more articles from my past experience. Just take a look. Even i started like this but it is TOTALLY EFFECTIVE anyhow. Check it out:

So you want to achieve those tight abs, trim stomach and fit body? It's easy.I started with this on my own too. So if i can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

Here are a few simple truths and tips to get you on your way to healthy fat loss.

Food, energy and fat

The function of food is to provide the body with energy. If your intake is greater than your energy needs, the body stores this surplus energy in the form of fat. So to put it simply, if you eat more than your body actually needs, you will gain some fat!

Now as any idiot would be able to tell us, the way to reduce this stored energy is obviously to use it up! Incidentally, starving yourself is not the way to do this. There are two ways to achieve this, reduce the number of calories consumed to prevent build up of more fat; and hike up your levels of daily physical activity and regularly use up your stores of energy!

Take it SLOW & EASY!

Many times we're so eager to lose our fat that we resort to numerous intense crash diets and weight loss programs that have hardly anything in common with our previous lifestyle. The body must be eased into any major lifestyle change. As any idiot can tell you, if you haven't lifted a finger in years, suddenly trying to run hours on the treadmill is probably a bad idea. Fat loss 4 Idiots diet program encourage you to start slow and gradually step up your exercise and/or diet routine.

Don't be afraid of CHANGES!!Don't be haunted by it!

Well to put it bluntly, if you're overweight right now, you're probably doing something wrong. You need to make some changes in your daily diet. Cut down on fatty products and replace them with carbohydrates and protein. Over eating sweet stuff is not recommended! But that doesn't mean you totally ban it! Use sweet treats as an incentive in your realistic fat loss plan. The key lies, in making better choices without drastically changing your food habits. For example, start using lower fat milk than the one you use now. Eat smaller portions of food and replace unhealthy in-between-meal snacks with small portions of your healthy meal. Sounds simple enough? That's the reason some people called it the weight loss for idiots.


Physical activity of any kind helps you stay in shape, it need not necessarily mean working out in the gym! Every step you take takes you towards a fitter and slimmer body, so it is important to make some simple changes in your lifestyle that will go a long way towards losing fat and keeping it lost! For example, instead of using the elevator, try and use the stairs wherever possible. While getting your daily dose of TV, try doing simple stretching exercises during commercial breaks! Walk, when you're going anywhere close by. A more conscious way to include walking into your routine is to park the car before you get to your destination and continue on foot! So, ironically, Fat loss 4 Idiots weight loss program involves making wise and creative changes to your life!


To help you maintain the routine you have adopted, it is important to keep a record of your daily diet and exercise. Write everything down and analyse your plan from time to time.

As we get older, it is natural to gain some weight. But being overweight has several health risks and it is important to keep a check on the fat we gain and maintain it. It would be foolish and indeed idiotic to ignore your weight problem; but fat loss 4 idiots diet program helps you solve it! Because time passes sooner than we know, and what hardly seems like a problem today can very much turn into one tomorrow.

There is no magic in losing weights. Just a proper diet and exercise regularly should be WAY THAN ENOUGH for anybody! ITS SO EASY! The only thing now is that, you really have to have will power, and just concentrate on losing those FAT!
Trust me, with all those efforts that you put in, it wont go UNREWARDED!

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