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It's been long since i posted anything on smoking and secondary smoking. Well, the point that i'm trying to reach here is that : SMOKING KILLS! so.... STOP IT!

i have a few pointers that i came across when i was reading articles on smoking. This article has some good and strong points for readers out there! to me it's simple, short and straight to the point. So smokers, READ THIS:

When people try to stop smoking they don’t really understand the 2 specific problems they face and there attempts to stop smoking fail.

Understand the problems and the solutions are straightforward.

Let’s look at them.

The first problem is mental addiction.

Most people see cigarettes as a friend that they can’t let go.

Smoking is social and pleasurable (despite the health risks) and to overcome mental addiction you simply must want to stop.

You know the health risks and the cost and you know deep down if you really want to stop.

If you do you will, if you don’t you wont. It’s a simple choice.

Now, if you really want to give up the battle is with:

The physical addiction.

Quite simply, if you stop you will face nicotine withdrawal symptoms and they are not pleasant.

You will face nausea, stress, irritability and fatigue, it’s hard to cope with but there is good news.

You don’t have to face the above!

You can simply take nicotine, which causes these symptoms outside of cigarettes and if you do it will do you no harm.

Nicotine is not dangerous!

Nicotine only provides the addictive nature of smoking and does not cause death or disease - That is some of the other 4,000 chemicals consumed in cigarettes, many of them poisons.

There are many ways to satisfy a nicotine craving.

You can use patches, gum, puffers and inhalers that all give you a measured dose.

Forget hypnotherapy and herbs, they don’t satisfy the craving as they don’t contain nicotine.

If you want to stop smoking you need a dose of nicotine.

If you are finding the addiction uncomfortable and you don’t’ have the willpower, you need some help.

Still worried about taking nicotine? Then read on.

Fact: Nicotine does you good!

Nicotine not only does you n0o harm, it actually does you good - When consumed outside of cigarettes.

Many people don’t know that it's actually part of the natural food chain.

Trace elements are present in many everyday foods including:

Teas, tomatoes, potatoes and bell peppers, to name just a few.

In organic form it is safe non toxic and does you good.

It is proven to make you feel better by improving mood, attention and concentration and is being researched to provide help with a number of conditions from depression to Alzheimer's disease.

Organic nicotine products are now being produced and the first one to hit the market with no added chemicals is nicotine in water.

Originally just aimed at smokers when they could not or did not wish to smoke, it’s now being taken by many non smokers for its health benefits.

Final words.

Mentally it’s easy to stop smoking - If you really want to you will.

The physical addiction is harder to overcome, as nicotine withdrawal symptoms are hard to cope with – So don’t try!

Get help and satisfy your craving when you stop smoking.

Take nicotine outside of cigarettes and you know that not only will it satisfy your craving, it will not only do you no harm, but will actually be healthy for you as well.

If you understand the above and really want to stop smoking you will.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sacha_Tarkovsky

So, think again,guys! Nicotine is good for you- but NOT SMOKING!

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