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One of the least known snoring solutions people know of is to simply stop smoking. If you are a snorer or a long time sufferer of snoring, and are having endless nights of no sleep whatsoever, you or the one you're sleeping beside might be snoring due to smoking. And the easiest way to stop snoring is to halt your smoking.

Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health. Besides giving you bad breadth and having your finger and teeth stained yellow, smoking leads to lung related problems like bronchitis and of course lung cancer. Smoking also leads to different heart diseases that results in heart attacks and strokes.

A lesser known fact that you might not have known though, is that smoking leads to snoring as well. To understand the snoring solution, you have to understand how smoking causes snoring. This has to do with smoking causing the body's nasal passage to be inflamed or swell up.

This then causes a narrowing of the airway which essentially causes a vibration when air is breathed into the lungs from the mouth or the nose. When this vibration occurs you hear snoring. And the narrower the airway is the more friction the flow of air meets, the bigger the vibration thus the louder the snore.

Unfortunately, people who don't smoke are victims of snoring caused by smoking as well. Recent research has proven that second hand smoke can cause snoring as well. Sometimes even more as second hand smoke can be more detrimental to your health than actually smoking. So one of the best ways to avoid this is to stay away from places where there is a lot of smoke, like bars, clubs, smoking areas, among others. This is the only snoring solution for people who snore because of second hand smoke.

And last but not the least, if you are a smoker and is a chronic snorer or maybe your spouse is the snorer, add this to your list of why you should stop smoking now, it might just be the best snoring solution for you and your spouse.

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