Friday, 3 July 2009

The Death Of A True Genius

Michael Jackson.Foul Play? Or is it just his time?

Michael Jackson. Who doesnt know this name?I basically grew up with this name.A true genius and a total MASTERPIECE at work. If there ever was a true music genius, then this is the name. Also known as the KING OF POP, he made his way through the music arena since 5 years old. YES!That's almost 95% of his life dedicating his soul through music. A true genius.


Well,every morning my routine was to go to work,but at that particular morning, i didn't listen to the radio. When i came in the office, my good man Dharanee & Mus announced the worst : " Michael Jackson Passed Away". That really made my heart stop.Out of the blues,after hearing all sorts of insults and ellegations towards Michael, he's gone. Just like that!

My condolonces and sympathy goes out to his family. He was and still is the KING OF MUSIC.

To me, wether he's gone or not,still unites everybody from around the world! No matter who or where you are, Michael Jackson's LEGACY lives on. And it will still go on forever! I basiccaly grew up with his song,and listened to it over and over again. I never get bored with his songs! that shows that his songs ARE THE BEST!

I will never forget him and so will everybody.His true Legacy lives on until forever.
Eventhough he's gone,but because of him,everybody unites despite the prejudice and racial dispute. His songs brought everybody together around the world. His body,legs,arms,vocals----nobody can ever perform like him.He's one of the true Legends!i dont think we will ever see anything like him ever again.

Michael,eventhough you're gone, you still unite us.than you for all the things you did.

May Allah bless you.

We will pray for you..

Thank You.

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