Monday, 8 June 2009

Quit Smoking For Good


Everybody pretty much agrees that it is tough to quit smoking for good. There are all sorts of methods and smoking aids that can help you along the path to freedom from smoking but many people tend to fall by the wayside. Part of the reason that people fail is that they lose motivation and focus on what they are actually trying to achieve. So here is a tip that can help you stay motivated and focused on why you decided to quit smoking.
First of all, make sure that you know why you want to quit. Even write down the reasons on a piece of paper or in a notepad so that you can look at it and read it from time to time. This act of writing it down turns the idea into reality. Just saying to yourself "I want to quit because it's good for my health" is no commitment and can easily be counteracted by "I need to have one cigarette because I'm feeling a little stressed right now".
Then make a decision to have the equivalent of the swear jar for smoking. The swear jar is where people trying to stop cursing will have to put some money into a jar each time they issue an expletive. The money could go to a charity or buying some soap to wash your mouth out with. The negative connotation of paying every time you swear is a negative reinforcement of the wrong you are doing. It keeps it more fun and turns the idea of changing a bad behavior into a game. Generally people announce that they are doing this to other people so that they can be accountable.
In the case of quitting smoking try to make the penance a bit more fun. Think of punishments that will negatively reinforce the fact that you are smoking but also raise a little banter and fun with the people around you.
If you are a sports fan, one thing that might work is every time you smoke you have to wear the football/baseball/basketball shirt of your bitterest rivals for the rest of the day or for a couple of hours. People can rib you about wearing the shirt and you can explain why you are doing it. This will give you more motivation and help you stay focused. You can think of any sort of fun punishment really. Be creative and think about smoking less.
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