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There are so many ways to quit smoking. THe only main factor to stop smoking is actually will power. I've seen people who had too many nicotine in their body tried to stop smoking but couldn't last a day of no smoking. The rule is simple: FIGHT THE 'i-want-to-smoke" temptation. Resist that, and your way to stop smoking will be as clear as day.

Here are some simple rules and tips to quit smoking while you're ahead :

In 2007 a survey was done on how many people smoked in the USA and it was discovered that 19.8% of people in America were smokers. At the time that equated to 43.4 million people, a 5th of the nation. So many people begin smoking just out of curiosity or to fit in with the crowd but find it so hard to break their addiction when they realize what it is doing to their health.
Here are a few tips that should always be used when trying to beat the nicotine:

1. Your mind set is an essential key and one of the most important factors to giving up smoking. So many people try to give up, but they do not start with the right mind set. They have good intentions, but in the back of their head still lingers the thought that they really don't want to give up and sooner or later they will start smoking again. These thoughts in the back of your head will soon push themselves to the forefront of your thinking when you initially give up, making your life without cigarettes a short term experience.

2. Set a date you will quit smoking (not too far ahead, or it will never happen!). In the run up to your quitting date, change a few of your smoking routines: Switch to a brand of cigarettes you don't like, identify the times that you habitually have a cigarette (with a cup of coffee, after a meal etc) and try to slowly find other things to do instead of having a cigarette to try and break this habit (eat some fruit or drink a glass of water instead).

3. When you reach you quitting date then get rid of all smoking paraphernalia from your home and workplace and where ever else you usually smoke. Throw and remaining cigarettes away, get rid of any ash trays and lighters, anything that will either remind you about smoking or tempt you into having a sneaky puff.

4. Change your usual routines, such as where you sit to eat breakfast. Many of the cigarettes that you smoke during the day are done routinely, so if you can develop a new routine without including having a cigarette this will make things a lot easier for you.

5. Always carry something with you that you can put in your mouth when you feel you want a smoke, something like a candy or chewing gum.

6. Write down all the benefits you will get from stopping smoking such as Reduced risk of heart attack, cancer, and stroke, Feeling more in control of your life, Better smelling hair, breath, clothes, house, and car, More stamina when walking or exercising, Less coughing, colds, and flu and more money saved from not buying cigarettes. Keep this list on you at all times and read it every day.

7. Reward yourself for not smoking. Put some of the money aside that you would normally have spent on cigarettes and then treat yourself to a new item of clothing or go out for a meal. See the benefits you can get with the extra money you will save.
Try to remember these important tips on how to stop smoking and use some, if not all of them to beat your addiction. But these are just a few of many proven methods, and for extra support and guidance you should always follow some kind of program that will help you though the whole process.
There is an exceptional program called the Quit Smoking Today program. It is a proven method that does exactly as it says, it helps you kick the habit today! In order for you to successfully beat a smoking addiction you need to have the right mindset and be able to stem those nicotine cravings, not just for a little while but on a permanent basis. That is what the Quit Smoking Program will do for you, it is not only a speedy method, but one that lasts for good.
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This must be one of the best articles i've read for people who just cant resist that 'smoking temptation'. The tips are simple and easy to follow. This method is cost-free and all it requires is,yes,as i mentioned before, will power.

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I will keep on publishing new posts on how to stop smoking specially for you for time to time. I will keep on updating and giving more tips and tricks to completely quit smoking!

see ya!

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