Monday, 13 July 2009

Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat & Get Flattering Abs With These Amazing Tips

Try to achieve that flat and 6-pack abs but dont know how to do that?Well, its actually quite simple. Diet is actually not enough. YOu need to have both diet and exercise. But bare in mind that to achieve this,you need to have good discipline to achieve those power pack and slim abs! Here are a few good tips for you to achieve it:

Tip #1- Limit Your Sugar Intake

This is one of the best advice I could give if you want to get a flat and sexy tummy. You see too much sugar will increase your blood sugar level and take your body out of fat burning mode. Not only that but your insulin level will increase and the excess sugars will be converted to fat and stored.

This means you should avoid certain foods that have large amount of sugars. For example donuts, candies, sweets and most products that are made from flour. Also you should watch out for some of your fruits! Though fruits are good, you don't want to consume too much at a time because they too contain a lot of sugars.

Tip #2- Have Breakfast

Most people like to just get up, have a glass of juice and that's it. This is very wrong! You see breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should also be the largest meal of the day as well. Having breakfast will give you enough energy to go through the day and keep you filled. This way your metabolism will be better regulated and you will be able to burn more calories and in turn more fats.

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